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About Us
About Us

About Us

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Why we're here.

We believe in the power of the veterinarian.

Understanding the pressures of the animal healthcare industry, we bring veterinarians and pet owners together, supporting both through software solutions to strengthen the well-being of animals around the world.

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What we do.

Enhance veterinary practice management.

We develop solutions to empower veterinarians to achieve financial and personal success through the use of efficient technology. AcuroVet® and AcuroPet™ streamline communication, medical records, and financials.

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Where we’re going.

Leading the way in rethinking how veterinary practices work.

Acuro Inc. brings the power of the latest technology to our AcuroVet® users and animal owners globally. Our development team works closely with veterinarians and animal owners worldwide to develop software solutions that will push the animal healthcare industry into the future.

Who we are.

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Dr. Maureen Kelleher


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Jai Desai


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Dr. Ann-Marie Wolfrum


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Dr. Elizabeth Charles