Technology for Veterinarians


Image-based forms. icon

Image-based forms.

Uniquely AcuroVet®! AcuroVet® is the only veterinary electronic medical records platform that has canine, feline, equine, and bovine stock images, including a skeletal model, allowing you to visually record the location of injuries, tumors, dental abnormalities, corneal disease, treatment locations, and more.

Unique tablet application. icon

Unique tablet application.

Work anywhere without having to be connected to the internet. Download AcuroVet®’s mobile platform and move freely inside or outside the clinic setting. Our iOS and Android applications provide the freedom to work without the need for wifi/data access when you are on the road and offer a lightweight and simplified way to move from patient to patient with only the essential modules to maneuver through.

Inventory management. icon

Inventory management.

AcuroVet®’s inventory module can be as robust as you want it to be, from simple management of supplies on hand to monitoring prices. Track the use of controlled or batched substances and supplies. Add medication information within the inventory settings to automatically print on prescription labels.

Invoicing and accounts receivable. icon

Invoicing and accounts receivable.

Create invoices for services and inventory with or without a link to the patient’s appointment. Decrease missed charges by Linking treatments and Prescribing medications from medical record entry to automatically add to the visit invoice. Print or email invoices. Integrate with one of our payment processor partners to capture credit card payments.

Client communication. icon

Client communication.

Say goodbye to a clustered inbox of emails or dozens of text messages from clients.
Using our AcuroVet® to AcuroPet platform, directly message clients by the patient to keep patient-specific communications organized in one location. Additionally, enjoy the capability of owner appointment requests and integrated payment options using the AcuroVet® - AcuroPet platform.

Integrative - Holistic module. icon

Integrative - Holistic module.

AcuroVet® understands that all veterinarians have unique views and talents for different types of medicine! We offer image-based forms for acupuncture, chiropractic, and rehabilitation specialists. Are you a TCVM practitioner? Take advantage of our TCVM forms as well as service and inventory classifications.

Multi currency and language. icon

Multi currency and language.

AcuroVet® is the first and only veterinary electronic medical records platform that allows veterinarians to select the language familiar to them and their clients. Around the globe, veterinarians of all languages can practice medicine and manage their practice with robust non-language or currency-specific solutions.