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Investor Relations
Investor Relations

Investor Relations

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Who we are

Acuro is a multidisciplinary Vet-Pet Owner tech creation firm to enable vets and pet owners for simplified pet care and relationship management.

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What we do

We are laser-focused on how to improve vet practice management for those are not having big pockets and struggle big time in handling pet care. We work coherently with our customers to foster and imbibe tech capability for their practice by taking their feedback and designing a one-stop solution for every vet out there.

How we deliver for stakeholders

Being in the pet tech space we facilitate various stakeholders and try to keep everyone's needs fulfilled with how we function. We foster best business practices keeping in mind our stakeholder's interest remains aligned. Our list of stakeholders (not limited to) covers.

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Want to work together?

AcuroVet® business focus is to collaborate
with our customers and aspire to deliver.




Entire practice
management efforts


Work complexity


Cost bearing activities

Our Goal

Our goal for investors coming on board will be to create synergic capabilities to build and deliver a platform for our stakeholders in the vet tech space. We have built and productionized the current version of the platform. It is in use by many vets with active operational use. We see this space has tremendous potential for investors who are ready to join hands with us to accelerate our roadmap for a multifaceted platform. The entire ecosystem will be built on making all AcuroVet® stakeholders get the best of capabilities, and opportunities and riding along the forward-looking outlook for a sustainable future.

Our Goal

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