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Recapping 2023 Accomplishments – 2024 Looks Bright for AcuroVet® Users!

Mar 06, 2024

Recapping 2023 Accomplishments – 2024 Looks Bright for AcuroVet® Users!

2023 was a busy year for AcuroVet®! And that is good news for you!


Our hard work transforms AcuroVet® into an even more efficient and streamlined practice management system that enables you to focus better on what you do best – caring for patients.

By the numbers, here's what our efforts produced last year:

  • 6+ update releases
  • 4+ new features launched
  • 30+ product improvements and enhancements
  • 5+ new countries where veterinarians chose AcuroVet®

Just a few of the improvements and new features

Okay, but what exactly do these numbers represent, and more importantly, why should you care?

Well, we implemented these new features and enhancements for a few reasons:

  1. Resolve issues discovered in the software
  2. Expand the usefulness of current features
  3. Add new features to streamline your workday further
  4. Remain aligned with our commitment to providing you with a seamless veterinary practice management solution

Some enhancements may not sound significant, but the little things often make the biggest impact in simplifying administrative tasks and record-keeping.

For instance, now you can generate an estimate for draft visits before the appointment, a logical complement to the new feature that allows you to draft and prepare for visits in advance.

Another small but mighty improvement is the ability to update selling prices for all previous batches with one click.

Early in 2023, AcuroVet® underwent a hardware and software programming upgrade to keep pace with current trends. Implementing this behind-the-scenes advanced front and back-end technology was lengthy but enhanced system performance.

In the newly added 'Type' column, you can categorize invoices as a visit, direct sale, or prescription. Under 'Visit Service,' users can now add a 'Number of Refills' field.

Analytics and reporting are always critical, so now you can download a detailed CSV inventory report, including batch number, cost, stock availability, and expiration date.

AcuroVet® also introduced a prescription refill feature that allows you to create or refill prescriptions independently.

The start of a new year means new beginnings. If your practice management software isn't cutting it, perhaps it's time to shop around. We'd love to help you work smarter.

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