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Major Upgrades! AcuroVet® 2.2

December 31, 2021

Major Upgrades! AcuroVet® 2.2

2.2 Update

Regenerate Invoice:

Cancel (to delete or edit) in one of two ways. 1) Accounting > Invoice > Pending toggle. Find invoice, click on 3-dot icon, click on Cancel Invoice or 2) Visit History > search for patient’s visit > click Billing toggle. Scroll to the bottom of the statement screen, click on Cancel Invoice. Once canceled, you will be in the billing screen to edit/change/correct.

If a payment was applied to the invoice and needs to be canceled, access the invoice in either manner, except instead of Pending toggle, click on Paid toggle in the Accounting module. When you select Refund & Cancel you will need to refund the amount paid as either a credit balance to the owner’s ledger or a cash refund. Once the invoice is corrected, from Invoice > Pending, click on Pay and allocate the credit balance as a payment to the corrected invoice.

Online Payments and Configuration:

Online payment configuration is only in the web application. Currently we are supporting online payment gateways from:

  • Braintree: a Paypal service
  • Square
  • Gravity
  • Stripe

Contact the payment gateway to establish an account before configuration. When ready, click on Setting > Billing/Invoice. Enter the information provided by the gateway to establish integration. Click on Configure. To allow payment through AcuroPet, click on the Enable toggle and select the payment gateway from the list. Scroll to the bottom to Save changes.

Owner Payments:

Payment can now pay for current and previous balances, have credit balances applied, or in case of multiple owners, can pay full amount (versus just individual share).

User Profile:

Click on the User icon in the upper right corner, View Profile. Click on the pencil icon in the upper right to Edit profile. Enter DEA number, additional license numbers and signature. Once the profile is updated, scroll to the bottom right and click Save.