Technology for Veterinarians

Version 1.9.0

April 07, 2021

Version 1.9.0


1. Contacts

Accessible in web application and have impact on tablet application

Select Settings, Contacts to save contact information

Add/ edit : Referring veterinarian, suppliers, trainer/caretaker, others

List of contacts is maintained by company

2. Printing prescription labels

Accessible in both web and tablet applications

In Visit, Prescription, filled internally. After saving, click on printer icon to print

one label per prescription

3. Discount codes

Accessible in web application and have impact on tablet application

Select Settings, Billing/Invoice. Scroll to Discount Codes

Add/edit/ delete discount codes which will be accessible from a drop down menu

when creating invoices

List of discount codes is maintained by clinic

4. Reports

Accessible in web application

New or enhanced reports:

Inventory sales


Financials by doctor(s) for both inventory and services

5. Accounting

Accessible in both web and tablet applications

All the accounting done using for sub-sections

Statement: Created but not finalized invoices which can be edited

Invoice: All generated invoices (billed and paid) which cannot be edited

Batch invoice: Create a single batch of multiple invoices by owner

Returns: Return inventory by invoice with credit feature

6. Inactive - Active Owners

Accessible in both web and tablet applications

Inactive owner as long as the owner does not have any scheduled appointments,

money due, or has shared ownership of an animal with another owner

7. Combine visit report, invoice, receipt

Accessible in web application and tablet applications

Combine visit report, invoice, receipt from single visit in one email to owner

8. Force sync

Accessible in tablet application

Force sync AcuroVet® calendar with Google/iCal calendar

9. Ledger

Accessible in both, web and tablet applications

Owners & Pets, ledger of transaction history with current balance

Ledger is maintained by clinic

Owner can see balance in AcuroPet mobile application


1. Inventory details

Option to show/ not show inventory details in treatment section of visit report

2. Set "Reply to" email

Set "reply to" email in user profile under Configuration tab

3. Phone number

Pets & Owners, phone numbers for home and office added

Owner primary phone number should be mobile to allow for SMS messaging

4. Delete confirmation

Delete confirmation pop-up when the X icon is selected in visit fields

5. Notes

Added note type [phone, email, in person, text, other]

Text visible now more than 2 lines

6. Prescription filter

Select filled internally and scripted out prescription information when generating

visit report

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