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AcuroVet® Set To Sponsor At The 2023 Vet Rehab Summit

Nov 09, 2023

AcuroVet® Set To Sponsor At The 2023 Vet Rehab Summit

The 2023 Vet Rehab Summit is almost here, and AcuroVet® is thrilled to be a sponsor this year!

Conference attendees will be immersed in the topic of myofascial chains, their anatomy, and how to evaluate and treat them in canines and equines.

Practitioners of this adjunctive treatment will appreciate that AcuroVet®’s early beginnings stemmed from filling an essential recordkeeping need.

Creating a visual way to record patient treatments

When Dr. Maureen Kelleher, AcuroVet®'s founder, first envisioned what is now AcuroVet®, she aimed to develop a product to help other equine veterinarians, therapists, and physios accurately keep medical records. Her experience using a big-name veterinary practice software package to document acupuncture treatments for her patients was anything but!

She knew a visual method would simplify recordkeeping by allowing her to review and see what she had done previously for patients rather than deciphering written notes.

For this reason, AcuroVet® features image-based forms of equines, canines, felines, and bovids for chiropractic, acupuncture, and rehabilitation modalities as well as for traditional Chinese veterinary medicine (TCVM).

Users just tap the area or points on the image to record where treatment is given. This image can be shared with owners who appreciate the visual of where their pet was treated.

AcuroVet® also features flexible inventory management, invoicing and accounts receivable, and client communication modules so you can streamline and manage your veterinary practice as you see fit.

We wish all Summit participants and sponsors an educational and informative experience and look forward to “seeing” you there!

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