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With AcuroVet®, Traffic Jams Won’t Get You Down

July 20, 2023

With AcuroVet®, Traffic Jams Won’t Get You Down

As a veterinarian who owns a mobile clinic, you’re well aware of the challenges you face.
Besides the usual chaos of veterinary practice, bad weather, road construction, traffic jams, and vehicle breakdowns also confront you.
All things considered, how do you get anything accomplished and give your patients the best care possible?
Road warrior that you are, you’d probably be curious to learn how others like you have grappled with veterinary care on the go.

Practice management software makes it easy

AcuroVet® came about thanks to a veterinarian who, like you, knows how vital it is for mobile practitioners to save time and work efficiently. So it had to be comprehensive but simple to use.

Your practice management software should keep you current with everything you need to know while assisting you with everything you need to do.

AcuroVet® simplifies record keeping with image-based forms. You’re on a call and examining a patient.

Using your tablet (AcuroVet® has an app for both Apple and Android), you tap on the species-specific form and record your findings. The forms include AAHA diagnosis codes. This record, with your notes, can be emailed to the pet owner, and owners typically love the visual image.

Also, because AcuroVet® is cloud-based, the record you just created is saved “in the cloud” and easily retrieved anywhere there’s an internet connection or wi-fi. If there aren’t any, don’t worry; your data will synchronize once you are online again.

You can generate invoices for completed appointments that capture all charges resulting from the visit. With AcuroVet®, you can schedule new and recurring appointments and monitor your inventory while stuck in a traffic jam. Yes, you can run a streamlined, efficient clinic from the road.

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