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Coping with stress- Block off time

January 19, 2021

Coping with stress- Block off time

Many veterinarians, especially those who own their own practices, find themselves overworked and overstressed from having to pull evening and weekend hours, and sometimes in isolated settings. On top of the long and irregular hours, veterinarians often deal with the pressures of running a small business while handling difficult clients and making life and death decisions. Compassion fatigue and anxiety compounded by high economic uncertainty have been known to bring on depression.

The struggle to achieve work-life balance, especially for the female veterinarians, is a very difficult one. It is important for veterinarians to delegate as much as possible to support staff, from callbacks to surgical admissions. Also as important is the need to block off time on their calendars to force themselves to take the time off from work and use the time to relax or spend time with family. AcuroVet® provides a feature that allows the veterinarians to easily block off time on their calendars in the appointment module.

Block-off time on the calendar:

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