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AcuroVet®: A Faster and Easier Way to Keep Proper Medical Records

July 07, 2020

AcuroVet®: A Faster and Easier Way to Keep Proper Medical Records

Keeping proper medical records can be laborious, but it goes a long way.

For every examination or procedure, there are many tasks the veterinarians have to do, and one of the most important tasks is to write proper medical records. We understand how time consuming it is to write proper medical records after each exam or procedure. Unfortunately, there is no way out of this. If the work is not well-documented, veterinarians may find themselves liable to lawsuits, malpractice and gross negligence. In the legal world, “If it’s not written down, it didn’t happen.” 


It takes time to organize and document the details from the exam/procedure. The solution to this? Using AcuroVet® to create and store your medical records. AcuroVet® offers a revolutionary image-based solution by providing veterinarians a visual recording of exams. Veterinarians can simply click on the canine, feline, equine or bovine image to make notations, saving tons of precious time! AcuroVet® also allows each record to be easily emailed to the pet owners.

AcuroVet® was developed by a veterinarian who understands the need to not only save time, but also provide better follow-up patient care, as with AcuroVet®, it is easier to see how patients change from visit to visit.

AcuroVet® is now a complete veterinary practice management solution, providing not only image-based records capability but also other important features such as appointment calendar, inventory management, invoicing, offline accessibility etc.

To learn more about AcuroVet®'s image-based records, schedule a free demo with Dr. Maureen Kelleher.

Dr. Maureen Kelleher is an equine veterinarian specializing in lameness, imaging, and surgery. In addition to her commitment to AcuroVet®, she is a clinical assistant professor of equine sports medicine and surgery at Virginia Tech’s Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center. She is board certified in large animal surgery and a certified veterinary acupuncturist.
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