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No More Calendar Chaos

May 08, 2024

No More Calendar Chaos

Despite your best efforts, are you losing the time management battle?

Unfortunately, you’re not alone.

Managing patient records, handling billing and insurance-related paperwork, and – (growl) –scheduling appointments consumes valuable hours you could devote to patient care.

For many veterinarians, time management is a significant obstacle that, left unchecked, can lead to burnout.

Successfully managing it requires planning, organizing, and execution of tasks.

AcuroVet® has the remedy to relieve your scheduling woes.

We’ve raised the efficient scheduling bar

The AcuroVet® calendar now synchronizes with Google Calendar, so whichever calendar you reference will be up to date, eliminating those appointment scheduling mishaps.

Gone is the hassle of maintaining two (or more) separate calendars and the risk of mix-ups.

This new feature will elevate efficiency for you and your team. Here’s how.

  1. Seamless scheduling: Our cloud-based software lets you schedule appointments, surgeries, and vacations anytime, anywhere, even in the field without wi-fi. As soon as you’re back online, your calendar synchronizes and updates.
  2. Remote access: At home, in the clinic, or on a call, you have real-time, up-to-date calendar access, so you always know what’s on your schedule.
  3. Streamline communication and availability: Do you share a calendar with your staff? Now, everyone will always be on the same page, and staff availability is no longer a mystery.
  4. Client satisfaction: An up-to-date calendar is critical for appointment scheduling, especially for clients with AcuroPET. The free app lets them see your availability and request an appointment. Nice and easy.

Experience simplified scheduling courtesy of AcuroVet®.

Book a one-hour, no obligation, FREE demo  to learn more about AcuroVet®!

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